Un testo ricco di insegnamenti e pratiche rituali thelemiche molto orientato verso il sentiero tifoniano e i culti stellari… In inglese.

Dal sommario:

2 Introductíon
6 The Jackal God
7 The Goddess Isis
9 The Goddess Nephthys
10 The Temple of the Gods
11 The Temple of the Jackal
13 The Golden Dawn
14 The Rose and Cross
15 The Silver Star
17 The Crowns of the Two Lands
18 The Robes of the King
20 The Garden of the Silver Star
21 The Names from Liber AL
22 A Litany of Praise
23 The Líber AL Names by Groups
24 Underatanding Egyptian God Forms
25 Keys of QBLH
26 The QBLH of 78
30 The Beams of the Temple
32 The Grades of Initiation
33 The Octagram and Baphomet
35 Deus ex Homo
36 Selections from **The Heart of the Master**
36 The Cherubs
37 The Names on the Tree of Life
38 An Interpretation of the Names
40 The Key
40 Carmen
40 The Ten Secret Joys of the Master
41 To Tack with the Winds
42 Some Rituals in Outline
43 The Elementary Rituals
44 The Planetary Rituals
45 An Astral Rítual
46 Other Argentum Astrum Works
47 A Note on Space
48 Sky Coordinate Systems
49 Between the Realms
50 An Enchantment Between the Realms
51 Workíng Between the Realms
52 Aspects Between Planets (or planets and stars)
53 Constructìon of Geometric Talismen
54 Required Texts
56 Outline of My Concept of the Path
59 Plenetary, Solar and Stellar Systems
60 The Elementary Plene
61 Tbe Elemental Weapons
61 The Plane of Reception
62 The Planetary Plane
63 The Planet’s Speed
64 Superior Planet Rítuals
64 Inferlor Planet RItuals
65 The Astral Plane
67 The Ritual Tuat (Astral Elementary)
68 The Rites of the Signs
68 The Rites of the Fixed Stars
68 The Galaxy
69 The Local Group of Galaxys
69 The Super Cluster of Galaxys
69 The Universe at Large
70 The Table of Gold Sabbats
71 The Secred Calendar
72 The Vernal Equinox
74 April A Nuít Chapter
75 April 9 Hadit Chapter
76 Apríl 10 Heru-ra~ha Chapter
77 Mid-SprIng
79 Summer Solstice
80 Mid Summer
82 First Night o£ the Prophet and His Bride
83 Autumn Equìnox
84 Crowley’s Lesser Feast
85 Grady’s Lesser Feast
86 Mid Autumn
88 Crowley’s Greater Feast
89 Winter Solstice
90 Mid Winter
91 The Silver Sabbats
92 The God Tabuti
93 The God Khonsu
94 The Goddess Sesheta
95 The Goddess Qeraut
96 Actual Practice o£ Lunar Rites
97 The New Moon Rìte
98 The Full Moon Ríte


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