Instrumentum Vol. XI-II Winter Solstice 2005


Importantissimo ed assolutamente raro magazine-documento interno e non divulgabile dell’OTOA di Michael Bertiaux sul Vudu Gnostico dei Technicians of the Sacred. Lingua: INGLESE.

Table of Contents


Letter from S.G.M.
Tau Melchizedek

The Meontological Convent of Christ
Michael Bertiaux

Esoteric newsletters
Michael Bertiaux

Questions and Answers with SGMA Courteny Willis

In Memoriam Ken Ward

Written Materials and Inner Worlds
Tau Melchizedek

Lave Tete Initiation
Emir Salihovic-Alha

Sing for Her, Dance for Her

Operative Complements to “Grimorium Magneticum Minor”

Elemental Sexual Sorcery
Tau Melchizedek

First Movements of the Resurrected Body
Fr. Svar Abala.’.

The Practise of Al-Asmaul Husna
Fr. Chartom

Master of the Northern Cross
Tau Zothyrius

The Initiate of the Northern Cross
Tau Zothyrius

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Lingua: INGLESE.


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