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Insegnamenti e Scritti Inediti - René A. Schwaller de LubiczInstrumentum Vol. XI-II Winter Solstice 2005

Instrumentum VOL. XI, NO. I Spring Equinox 2005
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Instrumentum VOL. XI, NO. I Spring Equinox 2005

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Table of Contents


Letter from S.G.M.A.

The collection of Pacquests in the Empowerment of Ambaktu
Michael Bertiaux

Outlines of the Four Degrees of Initiation for
Michael P. Betriaux and Hector-Francois Jean-Maine

The Uranus Rite
Michael Bertiaux

Official Documents

Zothyrian Mass
Fr. Alha

On the Gnostic Baptism
Tau Melchizedek

Vampyrism from the Neo-Aeonic Perspective
Jozef Karika

The Nomen Lucis and the Solstice of Soul
Frater Ophion

First Occult Self-Examination
Fr. Legbha Helel I°

Occult Filogenesis of Initiation I: Inner Anatomy as the Gnostic Builground
Fr. Svarabala

Le Pont de Feu: Tarot Vudu
Tau Zothyrius

Nulsis Zobop Autobiography

Goralot for the Secular Year 2005
Fr. Kulevo

My experiment in Lave.tete initiation
Fra. ALPh LVX.

First Occult Self-Examination (1)

Impression on Gnostic Baptism
Fr. Svarabala

Sabbatick Familiar: Sabbatick Retirement and Empowerment
Fra. Leaping Laughter

Reprint from Instrumentum Vol.I No.3.: Time, Space and Gnosis
Fr. Anon

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